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André Asselin - bass, Paul Serralheiro- trumpet, & M. Lacey

Photo: Nikol Mikus

Montréal jazz vocalist and multidisciplinary artist Mary Ann Lacey has performed internationally from Argentina to Japan. Her elegant and refined delivery has won her many fans “wonderful voice...beautiful singer” (Sheila Jordan). She does what every great jazz vocalist must do: she takes the standards and gives them new life and direction without straying from the true essence of the song. She honed her craft in New York with Sheila Jordan, Jay Clayton, Peter Eldridge and Barry Harris to name a few. She performs regularly on the Montreal jazz circuit and has recorded for CBC radio, Radio National Argentina, and Télé-Quebec.

Paul VanDyk - bass, Paul Serralheiro- guitar, & M. Lacey

Cameron Brown & Mary-Ann Lacey Vermont Jazz Center 2016